Just Start

It’s okay if you don’t know where you want to end up. It’s okay if you don’t even know where you want to start. The most important advice I have been given that I can share with you is that you just start.

For years I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. In 2014, I became a Resident Assistant (RA) at my college and I fell in love with every part of the job. I loved to be a leader to my peers, a resource, a role model. My supervisor at the time saw how much I loved my job and shared with me the opportunities I could take advantage of going forward. I could essentially stay at college forever by earning a Master’s degree in Higher Education. My goal at the time was to become a Hall Director and operate my own residence hall or dorm on a college campus. The most exciting yet scariest thing about my plan? I did it.

To reach a goal you have been working towards for years is thrilling! Once I got to my destination though I realized I needed to ask myself “what’s next?”. I hadn’t planned that far. I thought I would have more time. After a year since I had earned my Master’s Degree and landing the job I always wanted, I saw in myself that I no longer had the passion for my work that I once did. I wanted to find a new path for myself. I had no idea what that “next thing” would be for me, but I wanted to start. So here I am, starting a blog, which is something I have never done before. But I hope that my first step gives you the courage to take your first step, no matter the direction, no matter how small the step, just start.

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