Be Vulnerable

In the world that we live in today it is very easy for people, especially women, to be judgmental of themselves. My hope is that I can help you to see the beauty and the strength that you have within you to become the person I know you are.

One of the hardest but most beneficial ways to empower yourself is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and be open to everyone you surround yourself with. You may be thinking, well what exactly does that mean, where do I start with opening up to people?

To be open and vulnerable around others is to be your most authentic self. This doesn’t have to be without hesitation, being completely open about who you are is scary for everyone, but it’s also something that many of us expect immediately from the people we meet, our closest friends, and our family. To start this process you must first work with yourself to understand who you are today, as well as who you want to become in the future. If the person you are today is somebody who you do not love or even somebody you do not accept, it can become difficult for you to fully express yourself to anyone else.

After taking the time to sit down with yourself and evaluate the potential changes you want to make, you must then plan your action steps to become that person. It may look like following Instagram accounts of people who are living a life similar to the one you aspire for, it may mean unfriending people on social media and/or in real life. Determine what you need to positively change your life and don’t hesitate in going for it.

The next step would be to start sharing with those closest to you the changes you are setting out to make in yourself. By sharing your goals with people who support you, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable to those goals. I understand that being so vulnerable to share your story and changes with those you love can be scary. It’s easy to start being a “new you” with new people you make because there are no expectations, there is no “past you” for them to compare you to. With people who already know you, they may or may not be accepting of the person you are working to become, but I believe that if they care for you on any level, they will support you.

By sharing all components of who you are today, who you want to become tomorrow, your dreams, and most importantly your failures, people will start to see the strength you have within you. They will see that they are not the only one who struggles and will hopefully start to feel more comfortable with sharing more of themselves around you.

Start with empowering yourself by becoming your true-self, and the ripple effect will begin to empower more people than you will ever know.

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