Never be afraid to express yourself

Love is

Love is the warmth that
I see in your kind smile
When you look at me


Break the funhouse
mirrors in which you view
yourself in

Because you are a
beautiful soul in a
beautiful body

You deserve to see yourself as the
stunning Goddess that
you are

Carry yourseld with the
assurance you
wish you had because

If you “fake it till you make it”
eventually it will stop being fake and
you will be made of pure confidence


You are not only my sunshine
more importantly you are my
reminder that
I can also
be my own

I Wanted and Now I Have

I want someone in my life who
Wants to see the woman I was,
The woman I am,
The woman I become and
Accepts all of those woman.
All of me

I want someone who
Believes in me
Sees me
Hopes for me
Loves me

I want someone who is
Proud to be with
Me in the light and
Not afraid to be
Beside me in the dark

All of these are
Hopes of who I
Wanted, and
Now I have


Time is the most
Precious thing in the

No matter how we use it or
Spend it there
Never seems to be
Enough time

We tend to think we have
Unlimited time to be with those we
Love, but we don’t

Take time our of your day to
Tell the people you love just how
Important they are to you.
Spend a extra
Moment with your pets, family, friends.
Cherish every second of it.

Take the time now
Because you never know when
Time will
Run out


You helped me to feel
To be

You remind me that it’s okay to
Cry and
Allow my emotions and
Share my feelings and
Be vulnerable

You allow me to feel
Safe in your presence.
You helped open my eyes to
Ideas that may not be new
But are new to me.

You feel like a first sip of hot tea.
Warming my heart on the way down,
Thawing the parts of my soul that have been
Frozen for too long


I was a caged bird
Now I am remembering
What it’s like to fly

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